Day 175 ………..Resurrection

Dear Friends,
I have been remiss in blogging lately. To offer my excuse, seems trivial. Suffice it to say that  I have had a lot on my emotional plate and that I apologize for letting this interfere.  I know a lot of you  express to me that you enjoy my ramblings. While this still amazes me, I am here today to make up for my sorry lack of *whatever adjective works here*. 
As observed, I have jumped back into the surreal field, and somehow found myself in the “forest” with the trees. Most honestly, If I knew it would not drive all of you nuts, I could have painted trees all 365 days of this gig. So, for that you must forgive me my pecidillos. (threw in this Spanish term just for my children)
So, lets reveiw some of the last few days. Because there is a story or theme emerging. I want you to see if you have not already. If so, be patient with the rest of us while we figure it out. 
Day 168  The Stairway to Heaven, this painting represents Origin, and the every present battle between good and evil. The hand of Creation the next day, and after that, woman, sharing her sacred  place as a connection between birth and life. Day 172 breaks life apart and presents us with Chaos and the blood of death and cleansing.  Day 173 exposes in our most basic self. An earthly form- bent, imperfect, but passionate and beautiful. Day 174   a celebration of that journey and the beautiful characteristics time embeds upon the soul and form. Leading us closer to the end. Day 175 (below), tonight’s art is a resurrection or a  new beginning.
In the past I have shared with you the connotations of “3”. I will share them again.
  • Gods attributes are three – omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.
  • The three divisions of time – past, present and future.
  • The three persons in grammar – me, myself and I.
  • The sum of all human ability is threefold – thought, word and deed.
  • The three kingdoms of matter – animal, vegetable or mineral.

Remember this: Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish us one from another.”  Personally, I am hopeful mine is very colorful!

8×10 watercolor pencil on canvas


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