Day 164 …sacred ground

8×10 oils on canvas “Sacred Ground”

  As previously confessed, I have hit the proverbial brick wall lately. So, I decided to try an exercise. I will call it music therapy for lack of a proper name. In doing so, I use the music to motivate or influence the piece. I try to visualize what the song is about, and then let an honest emotional response guide me and the begin to paint.
  The title of the piece (yes, I really am giving you the title) is Sacred Ground. In order to create an emotional response to the music, I visualize what the song is saying, to me, the listener. Making the colors and shapes become blurred and broader is part of the visualization process. A good analogy would be the picture a puzzle, and then begin to disassemble it into individual shapes, layers.

Does this help or sound like rambling?

Anyone care to take a guess at the type of music?

One Comment

  1. honest review is that it looks forced…take a deep breath and quit worrying so much.