Day 16: I find, I always have to draw something on a steamed mirror….

   Tonight I have been sitting here thinking about what it is exactly that draws us to blogging. Why do we do it? Why do we read them? In an article an author stated she would read just about any subject, as long as the content was good, and the writer has a good voice. I am wondering what makes a good “voice”. Not a writer, I wonder if i let my voice show in my writing? Or, have I even found one yet? Who knows, I am leaning toward probably NOT.

     The whole purpose in creating this blog/journal and  a piece of art every day in “My View” is at its simpliest about me. Am I relating to you? Not, just because you appreciate art, but because at some level we need to share, make connections, create reactions and emotions. These are the characteristics that make us who we are as people. Do you read this blog and take away a better understanding of me? Do I share with you verbally what I was trying to convey artistically? That is my goal.

PS~a few people have asked about purchasing some of these pieces. I am hoping to do a show upon completion, so I would like to hang on to them until then. But, I will take dibs on any piece that you like. Contact me for more information at: Thanks!

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

8 x 10 Stretched Canvas, in Oils $100

(did the blog title catch your attention? It has absolutely no relevance to the blog entry-but its true)