Day 155 Can’t See The Forest For The Trees…

8×10 oils on canvas

Sometimes, it is just hard to see the forest, for the trees.

Lately, I feel like the roller coaster called life has been particularly bumpy lately, maybe some of you do as well. The ups and downs are all part of the journey. Some days, weeks even months seem to really take all you seem to have and come back for more.

Trees, in my mind, represent a positive role model for people. It might be their tough bark, or firm roots, whatever, there have been many comparisons through the years made to and about trees and life. Some of those analogies are profound, others cliche, we can all call to mind an example pretty quickly.

It seems though, if we all adopted a healthier respect for nature and followed the pattern it provides as an example, we might find ourselves more in tune, not only with our selves, but the world as a whole.