Day 153

8×10 oils on canvas

I am really enjoying this new sort of style that has emerged. Maybe one of the best parts of this journal is learning about exactly that-My style. I read a quote that says not to compare your life to others because you have no idea what their journey is about. Isn’t it interesting how many things in life we start out with: what would others……think/say/do….if I were to………………….(fill in your own blanks).
This made me realize how much we do with the goal in mind of pleasing everyone around us. While we are losing bits and pieces of our selves that we never regain along the way. No matter how hard we try and how much we work there are going to be negative responses to us, and we are not going to please some people. A great example of this is my friends and family that are supporting me. I  am referring to how some pieces of my art causes certain people to react, and not others. Then another piece will elicit a reaction from a completely different people/person. The greatest thing that I see happening is that while you may not like every piece, or you might love another piece, you are still hanging around asking me questions and offering your support. By keeping up the vigil-when my spirit sags a bit, one of you are right there to lift me back up and let me know how you benefit from my efforts. You keep me going. I am doing my best not to let you or me down and am appreciative that you are sharing this journey with me!
Thanks to you all!!!!! 

PS: I forgot to share some good news with you. I have been contacting a few galleries and have had a couple of responses of interest in doing shows with me. Keep your fingers crossed that things stay on track and we will all get to celebrate with a few show/exhibitions together and be overwhelmed that we made it!



  1. I really love the way the trees are entwined and the roots mingle underground.

  2. PS~I forgot to tell you that my art inspiration came from a Celtic Charm that I saw at (where else) Amazon today. Cool, eh?