Day 140 …..pick something and stick to it? no way!

8×10 oils on canvas

Someone once told me that an artist should pick a genre and then produce produce produce. I agree, with the produce produce produce theory. Which is why I am in the middle of this project. As much as I understand the purpose and concept, it just is not me. 
 Certain aspects reoccur in my art and create a “signature”, or style that marks a piece as mine. This is true of all artists. A repetitive color palette, brush stroke, and application of paint or material. There are other characteristics that are also repeated. 
To limit myself to a particular subject or genre, would slow down my progression, and dilute the quality of my product. Not to mention that I do not think that it would be possible. An artist is influenced by different things at different times (we have talked about that several times already). Someone who does not explore with various methods, subjects and techniques, hurts no one but themselves, their work, and eventually will stagnate.