Day 126 Visual Senses

8×10 oil on canvas
 As I sit here trying to post tonight, I have begun to write and begun again. I am struggling to express how this art can affects me visually. To say that everyone knows how it feels to be vulnerable and exposed is not hard for us to imagine or understand. This is why an artist feels so strongly about their work. This association is like a bond, and you have heard an artist refer to their work as their “babies”. Perhaps, this makes it easier to appreciate that metaphor.
Visual reactions to art, by the viewer, are hopefully as powerful as the creators. The subject, the colors, shapes all the things we have talked about before provide the total of the equation we call art.
The impulse to create female subjects in my art has been compelling me for sometime now. How I portray them has been varied, but the compulsion necessitates the repetition. The “shadows” of these women have some interesting  characteristics. They are very distinct, almost peculiar pieces. The combination of the colors and the appearance loose forms and the silhouettes are almost mysterious. 
Perhaps, you have an opinion?