Day 124 interpretation and symbolism

8×10 oil on canvas
Yesterday my lady was gazing at the stars and today she has her back and a tilt to her body all away from the sun. Symbols in art are the most important part of painting abstract or expressionism. When we begin to interpret these, then we can begin to understand the story being told.
Touch, is the act of how I interact with the paint and material I am applying to the canvas. It becomes the characters that create my plot. Colors-which we have talked about in the past sets the mood. Bold swipes or chunks of color symbolize presence, and solid forms. The textures help you move in and out, forward and back throughout a piece of work. Slashes of a palette knife and swirls of intertwining colors represent and create movement. The whole process is emotional, and the gestural. The connection you make to the story is held in the body of the painting. I use applications of thick paint, and color to create those textures that incorporate the third sense. 
The symbolism can be interpreted in several ways. The acting of turning your back to the sun, is a commonly used symbol. It may represent a fall from faith or rejection of religion. Or it could represent a light for a journey, support, or protection. Sometimes the sun simply means knowledge. A head bowed can represent a form of showing respect, defeat, burden. A tilted head can symbolize vulnerability, concentration, listening and connections with some unseen presence.
If you would care to share you reaction I would really like to hear from you.
Good night my friends,