Day 121 …a little something to cheer you up

8×10 oil on canvas     “Spring”    $100
I was thinking that my work has been very heavy and dark recently, I need a break, so I imagine you do as well.  We have a lot of work ahead to produce (me) and  analyze (you). So, here is something lighter and less serious. 
I am still thinking about the next few phases we are approaching, making plans. While doing this,  I am also getting lectures from my daughter on a regular basis. I talk to her about art, more than I am sure she wants to hear. She reminded me that I am already one third of the way finished with this blog, and I still have not breached the divide, and really explained my work to you. However, she also, will be the first to tell you that I am NOT and abstract expressionist, instead that I am a surrealist. So, you can imagine we have some interesting discussions in my house. 
Talk about tough love. When did I become the student?
Tomorrow will be Wed. (in case you did not already know this)
I hope happiness writes in your faces for the rest of the evening and tomorrow too!