Day 119 Goodbye Favorite Coffee Mug

8×10 oil on canvas    $100

Sunday afternoon painting session went well, in spite of the spilled coffee, and broken special mug. Here’s the story: Last year we were visiting my oldest daughter at Penn State Univ during my birthday. She is hands down the most thoughtful gift giver any of us know. She planned a trip for me and the girls to visit a pottery shop. You pick a piece and paint/design it. They second fire your pieces. Unbeknown to me, each girl was making theirs for me.  They were each special, and carried their personalities. I love them very much. Today however, I broke mine being my usual clumsy self. It made me sad! I will have to keep theirs safe and AWAY from me. Sorry Ash.

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  1. Well damnit…guess we'll just have to do it again. Don't worry about it.