Day 100 Celebrate

8×10 oil on stretched canvas.  $100
Which way am I going? Ever feel like that? I do.
I feel exactly like the guy walking in the opposite direction of everyone else. I am sure this is why the photograph I used for tonight’s work drew my attention. 
Reflecting on the upcoming new year, I hear many people planning resolutions, and how they will achieve those goals. Goals are a good thing. But, (there is always a but, isn’t there?) why do we focus so much of our energy on them? Why do we beat ourselves up when we do not achieve them? We spin our wheels, and rush around and around to where? Hurry up and what? 
What about those 525,600 minutes?
Before you make a resolution for the new year, I hope you will take a minute, reflect. You may be surprised at your accumulations. And, if you still feel the need to make a resolution-make it by all means. 
But, maybe-just maybe, you will decide that you want to celebrate the experiences and gifts of this year-celebrate the present-it is now.


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  1. You've always walked the other direction and taught your kids how to as well, which is why we succeed instead of becoming sheep.