Coming Soon…..

Where to start? Lately, It seems that I am either wide open and elbow deep in art work and projects or completely stagnant. 

Recently, I’ve read about the growing resurgence of interest in coloring, not just for children, but for adults too. The meditative benefits and de-stressing are multitudinous, all you have to do is pick up a crayon and smell that unique scent and you are instantly transported to fond memories of childhood.  With this new found respect and perspective on an old tradition, people of all ages have begun to reintroduce the fun of coloring back in to their lives and that of their families.  

Prodding from several friends encouraged me to consider this project and realize that I have books full of journals with doodle art. So, I began throwing this idea around with my creative staff (also known as my family) and they agreed that I should give this a try, and Abstract Expressions is underway. I am scanning and, with the help of my graphic department (Ashley), we are tweaking my drawings 

I am very excited to share the cover design and hopefully generate some interest and excitement from you too! Again, graphic design credit goes to Ashley. She took a doodle/drawings and came up with this lovely design. 

The books will cost $10 each. I could have gone through a larger printing online source and gotten the cost down a little more, but then I wouldn’t have had the personal attention to detail that I want for these. And, I feel it is important to support my community by using a local source. Therefore, I am willing to lose a little profit margin to maintain quality and help maintain small business. The price will only vary if there are unforeseen charges.  

The books are approximately 8.5×10 inches. They will contain 50 pages of drawings. Each page will be one sided. Why? This will allow for personalization without the fear of bleeding through on to the drawing on the reverse side. Also, should you be particularly proud of one you can easily remove to share or frame the personalized art. 

Now…what am I going to do with all my loose original journal work?

Life is about using the whole box of crayons~Rupaul