.com and altered book art


Today, I, artist and blogger, purchased my domain name.  I know, does not sound so impressive to most people,it is to me.  Now all you have to remember is my name and you can find my blog.  www.valeriedowdy.com  What influenced this? Someone with a lot more technological sense than I.  Cyber squatters (who knew they existed) apparently lurk around buying names in order to profit from the individual later. (again, who knew??)  However, to the disappointment of my techy smart friend he finally realizes just how dangerous I am.  I know just enough information to make myself dangerous.
Thank You, Techy-Friend for your help and guidance.

If you will recall, I was planning to attend a workshop on altered book art.  I am reporting back that I had a great time. Meeting some new people, artists and having the much needed artistic outlet was a plus.  I am still working on my book.  There are a lot of aspects to altered books that I would consider “crafty”.  It is like most all elements of art, in that it is easy to learn.  The art comes from the within the individual capability and how far they wish to pursue the study.  I will post some images of the pages in my altered book.  If you happen to be like me (NOT know for patience) then you might not enjoy altered book art.  It will definitely require time and labor.

The prep work for the show is progressing. This is definitely better than regressing.  I have been able to eliminate several tasks from the list.  The eye screws arrived in a timely fashion (as promised-thanks again Gap Lumber) and have been attached to the canvases. (you rocked that out husband!). The framing (again, thanks husband) for the flat canvas panels have all been made and attached.  The biggest task still in the works is wiring, and I am pulling an all weekender to keep up the pace.

Please call before you visit, because the house will be NEGLECTED. :o)



  1. I would be glad to explain it. I think you would really enjoy this art form Ash. I put mine away so I would not let it distract me from what I need to do. I finished wiring last night. My fingers are literally raw, but it is done.

  2. After your show, you'll have to share how you did the book art.