Colors like words in poems….

Please permit me minute before I begin my post to shamelessly plug my page on facebook. This is where I advertise the custom and personalized things like nursery art, wall art signs, lamps, totes, furniture or whatever. (you get the idea, right?)
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Art updates:
While working on Custom Brush projects, I continue to work on my Surreal Portfolio. 
These pieces are created in acrylics, marker, paint pens, ink, oils, water colors and the small details require a lot of patience. 
Not something that I have been known for in my lifetime. 
But as spring arrives, my spirits are lifted. 
I observe mother nature coming to life and feel inspired. 
An idea was developing in my imagination for a while and would not go away. 
I decided to give in and I am glad that I did. Below are the results.

The paintings details are circular, curving, very fine and some are but small dots. 
But the movement in this piece, that just flowed so beautifully as it came to life. 
 I was very excited to share the new work. In fact, I posted it on my facebook with friends and family immediately. 
I was pleased and excited when the work generated a lot of positive response. 
I am proud to share with you that this piece sold and is now owned by a wonderful patron and friend of mine.  
She was so animated, as she described how this piece affected her, and to me there is no higher compliment to an artist. 

for now it is time to get back to the easel….

I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.Joan Miró

Sometimes, I need  to clear the fog,
This is one of those pieces.
It is for sale.
12 x 24 inches
pre-stretched canvas