Checking in….

Good Morning-

Sitting here reflecting and drinking coffee (aka being lazy and drinking coffee) this morning, I decided to look at my blog stats. I have another blog that eventually will be merged somehow with My View. When I figure out how to make it happen.  ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONS . As I wander my way through the blog it seems like now is a good time for another update.

A good portion of my weekend was spent cutting card stock into mats for my title cards (thanks S for loaning me your nifty cutter).   The title cards themselves had to be typed, and then printed.  Our printer is cantankerous and an older model-sort of like me.  Several battles ensued, but victory was mine.

Being a list maker, I am relieved to see that several jobs are now off the “to do” list. Most of the materials required to complete these jobs have also been located and purchased.  The business cards are designed and new flyers (don’t ask) are all ordered. Which leads up to my current and biggest obstacle.  Screw eyes. (image to the left)  We use screw eyes on the frame of the canvas to attach the wire.  I have bought out every Wal-Mart and Lowes store in my area, tried to order them online and will be making a few calls today.  I have even sent out an S.O.S across face book to my friends.  If anyone should run across #214-3/16 inch screw eyes, please please please let me know.

Finished stacks of art

We (insert sincere, and great appreciation to my twins, and hubby here) worked on another batch of canvas, attaching screw eyes and wire.  It looks as if I am half through the art now.  I hesitate to use “I” here because my family is such an important part of this process.  Without their help I could not do this.  This paragraph is dedicated to them.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart AND my stack of canvases! (sorry couldn’t help injecting a bit of my corny humor here)

UNfinished stacks of art

Before I end, I have two more things to share.  First, I will have an updated expenditure list for you (found some more receipts) and anyone who would like to receive an invitation post card for the show- and I do not have your address, please leave me message or drop me an email here: I will be glad to send you one.

Today, I leave you with a quote by the artist Gauguin that is currently my blackberry profile status.  It makes me smile every time I read it:

…a dot is a line that goes for a walk. 


  1. Kay, that quote is by Gauguin. I love it too.
    Beth, I am so glad you guys are coming. I am excited and nerve wracked at the same time!

  2. loved the quote..hope all goes well

  3. We are looking forward to the show! Please keep us posted on all details.