Check Out My New Digs…

So…. where the heck have I been, right? It’s a very long story, but if you like, I am back and ready to share.

Let’s roll back the clock about a year, and since I am not one for sharing a lot of personal details, let me try my best to nutshell this story.  I came home from work one day to find my husband emptying out his company vehicle, at an hour earlier than expected. I knew what we had feared for the longest time had happened-he had lost his job. In our minds we had worked on a Plan B, and it was time to put that to action. Miraculously, two weeks later, he had 3 solid job offers. The bad new was that none of them were anywhere near where we currently lived. He accepted the position that we felt was best for us and a new countdown began. He asked his new employer for a few weeks to work on some home staging and then he hit the road to his new job, leaving me behind to continue working on the house and packing. Oh, and give my notice at my own job. Fun times, not. By June we’d found a cute little farmhouse to live in until we got our bearings, and I was finished with my job. We thought we had time to breathe again, right? Three months later, I landed a job. Yay! Did I mention it is a full time job? It is. Life rolls along. Then one day I get a text, we’ve an offer on the house. This is not bad news. Unexpected, but not bad. In fact, we are thrilled with the news. Guess what? Time to finish that moving project and find a  place to store all the things that won’t fit into our down sized situation. Oh boy….who says life isn’t a series of curve balls??!! The house closes (thank you god, karma, buddha, and all the other deities) BUT, there’s more. Of course there is right? We think were on easy street, gonna kick up our heels and keep checking out our new community and enjoying all the local foods, wines, and spirits, right? Oh noooo…..that would just be too easy! Our lovely homeowners have ventured out themselves it would seem in the midwest where snow is as common as dirt. And guess what? They didn’t like it and want to come back to this area. Remember that old saying….? Me either! So, now we won’t be able to renew our lease, and are under a significant time crunch to find a new place. There are plenty of options in every direction. The thing is, I didn’t want “anything”. I wanted something! Something I didn’t have to move out of again, and, that was just right.  And, I knew I would know ‘it’ when I found home. To the chagrin, or saintly patience (I’m not sure which) of our real estate agent, we owe a lot, for her unceasingly planned weekend tours for the foreseeable months. It has been a long journey my friends, but the time is finally nigh. A new home is in site, we’ve crossed some hurdles and are rounding then bend toward a forever home. (this must feel like a furry friend who finds himself finally adopted to a loving family!)

Ah…is there any sweeter word? Home.

Stay tuned, and I promise I will take you on our journey, hopefully with a bit of entertainment and some art.

For those of you who never left, my thanks.

PS~check out my new digs refers to this lovely new blog site. Thank you Ashley! <3





  1. Loved this …, felt like I was on the journey with you ❤

  2. I enjoyed reading your new blog and the update! Count on me as a faithful reader!