Caution: a pitful, mewling, artist just ahead

I’ve been sick for over a week now. Thought I was mending, but a persistent cough keeps wearing me down. I’ve been up all night, into this morning.  Every time I relax and start to dose off, I wake up hacking and choking.  I’m sitting here so tired, still coughing, sore from coughing and really would rather be sleeping than typing out a whiny blog over share. On top of all this coughing, I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my upper rib area. I think I’m going to go back to the doctor tomorrow. I am supposed to sit the gallery tomorrow, and couldn’t find anyone available to switch schedules with me. It looks like the gallery won’t be open tomorrow. I’m feeling bad about that  too. I am really oversharing the personal information, sorry.

‘The thing is, when I am sitting around being sick, I find myself drawing/sketching/doodling like a obsessed person. Some of my better pieces of art have happened during illnesses. I wonder what that says? Maybe I’d rather not know. Send me some good vibes, cough remedies too if you have them.

Peace, Val

Insomnia Bug, by Valerie Dowdy
Female, by Valerie Dowdy
Koi, by Valerie Dowdy