Catch up time….

Good Monday evening to you,

I opened up our shop today in what began as a rainy Monday but thankfully improved into a sunny afternoon.  I had a several visitors today, a couple that live in New York were passing through and stopped to visit us.  The wife had a very heavy accent and when I inquired of her residence, she informed me New York by way of Berlin, Germany.  It is interesting to see the diversity of people who have managed to find us in our small town already. Last week it was a consultant here from China.

My husband and I just returned from a busy weekend and short trip to one of my favorite places.  Asheville, NC. (you have probably heard me refer to this laughingly as mecca-my people). 
My bracelet
Before I left I participated in a copper bracelet workshop.  I have a new respect for wire artists! One never does truly appreciate the process of any art (or job for that matter) until they try to do it themselves.  Rowan Rose was our instructor, she currently teaches at William Holland in Georgia.  She is returning in May to teach another bracelet class and a capachon wrapping class (which I hope to attend).  She is a fantastic lady and a good instructor.  
 Back to the NC trip.  I have never visited the Biltmore House, so we took the tour as our wedding anniversary gift.  (so worth the expense) Prepare for a long day or if you have time make it a two day tour. The sites are quite amazing and beyond this visual artists ability to describe.  There is much standing and walking, stairs and hills.  But again, very worth it.  I put together a slideshow of some of my favorite parts of the tour and will include a link for you to view if you wish.  Please keep in mind these photos were taken with an iPod, so please do not critique my photography skills (or lack of) too harshly. Bilmore House slideshow
Naturally after having so much fun the last few days I couldn’t wait to get busy creating some art today.  I have to say that the pieces I will be posting were influenced by a particular tree that  intrigued me located near by in the tulip gardens.  
<—-The tree is a Persian Ironwood.  The bark/trunk is so unique and beautiful. It is not difficult to see why or how I was influenced by all of these colors, and textures.