Books, Faeries and Mushroom…

Where to start….

Since I’ve last blogged, I’ve finalized the printing for AE Volume Two, crazy amounts of doodling, and dealing with a nasty, bad gallbladder. I usually don’t discuss a lot of personal things here, but I just want to go on record as saying that the gallbladder thing…F—-ING SUCKS!!!

Abstract Expressions Coloring Books are doing well and I am still learning to navigate the crazy world of social media. I must be doing a little better. Why? because my twitter followers are over 200! I know, I know….peanuts to most people, but for me that was a significant jump. It is all just so time consuming! It drives me nuts!!!!!

I have also made a connection with Barnes & Noble! YAY! Both my coloring books are now for sale on their online store. woot woot! I am super proud of this. AND, we are in the planning stages of an author event in the branch nearest me. So, stay tuned for the date and time and if you are anywhere near me please consider joining me that day. Meanwhile you can purchase them from the links below:

And back on the subject of social media…..I am on now. You can find me as valartist. Here is a link to my blog/page or whatever it is called. 

Last, has something to do with visual art, not coloring books etc. Last weekend I ran out and as I passed the church at the corner of our street, I saw this…So, I pulled in and stopped and went over to investigate. I stumbled upon a beautiful mushroom faerie garden. It was just such a nice day and the beautiful sunshine, mountains and green trees all combined to make it a magical image. I hope you enjoy them too. I drove past there yesterday and noticed that as quickly as they appeared, they are now gone….I am so glad that I stopped and captured the images.