Bloom Where you are Planted

Title: The Butterfly Bushes
Size: 24×30 inch 
Medium: acrylic on canvas
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Butterfly bushes are native plants to SW Virginia. I have been on my jobs with my husband and see layers of these bushes growing and butterflies flitting all around. They line the edges of bumpy, gravel road sides and are often covered in a sheen of dust. It amazes me that they even bloom much less flourish as they do. They are always covered with butterflies when the beautiful lavender blossoms open. Quite the scene. It makes me remember a quote, “bloom where you are planted”. Something we forget to work on as we go dad by day through life forgetting to live in the moment and enjoy it to its fullest.
 I told you I wouldn’t update the blog unless, I had something new. Over the last few days I have been feeling the need to do something, feminine. Sometimes a girl just needs to use some soft pastel colors and throw in a mix of some earthy greens and yellows, then a dash of blue to cool it all down. Materials used are acrylic. The fact that I created this piece with acrylic paint is which is a source of pride.