Bloom and Grow…

Happy Friday!

(I think I am addicted to my Apple Pencil and not quite sure whether to ask for help or celebrate the fact. 🙂

Before we moved, one of my job responsibilities was to submit a weekly report to the boss.  He had just taken office in January and used this exercise as a tool to learn more about his staff. At first, I was uncomfortable writing about my week. You know, not wanting to have anything misinterpreted in writing or NOT make a good impression on my boss. 

I’m a pretty straightforward personality type. I decided in order to successfully complete this task ,each Friday, I would use the skills I gained writing my blog. Hoping that the effort would make my reports resonate and be impactful. Seeking to make each one introspective, a little funny and little serious.  But most of all, I wanted them to be truthful.
With all of the new changes going on in my life right now, I think that I am finding a sense of comfort from the habit I developed doing those reports. Using my new journey and time to rekindle my interest in, and my efforts toward this blog. It is working. 

With a growing sense of creativity, I have been working on my iPad like a woman possessed. What is that quote or expression? “grow where you are planted.” 
My artistic spirit has decided to do just that. 

“all the flowers of all the tomorrows, are in the seeds of today”