Blog Features, You Tube Clips and Selling Art…

Valerie Dowdy

The coloring book phenomenon does not appear to be slowing down any time soon, in fact, it seems to be growing in momentum. 
I for one, am very glad, with two more coloring books in progress and three already on the market. I hope that people continue to use and enjoy the benefits of coloring. 
I have been following a growing group of coloring book enthusiasts, colorists and artists that grew rapidly and continue growing with over 12,000 members on social media. 
They have splintered into various projects and goals. You can learn more about them on their blog. Why am I mentioning this you wonder? I am being featured currently on their site! 
Please go check their blog out! 

I also made a horrible (not on purpose) video clip of the contents of the coloring book/calendar and you can view it here:

and last but NOT least, the painting to your left was recently sold from a local lunch cafe! Thanks Second Story Cafe for your support!! If you’re ever in our area, you really need to try this great food. Hope everyone is having a good December. I for one will be glad to have this year behind me. 

Looking forward to a new beginning. 
Peace, Valerie