August seems to have slipped up on me in these days of hermit-like conditions. We are all struggling as we adopt and adjust to new normals in our life. We struggle. We laugh. We cry. Some of us, even garden (me) as we try to cope. But time keeps rolling along and here we are five months in.

I follow a blog of a public profile person. It might surprise you (or not) to know she writes a “Christian” blog. But she also writes from a female, over 50, empty nest mom perspective. Sometimes I can relate. I’ll admit that a lot of each blog post I do not even look at or click on. But, I do read her blogs. Lately, I’d begun to feel like she was losing my interest, that basically she is regurgitatInk what we have all already heard (Over and over). I’d almost deleted her. And then a few Sundays ago something she said, something real and what i felt was from the heart made me stop and read. This is the part of the message I’d like to share.

Today, I hope you have a day. I hope you have one tomorrow as well and the day after that. Who wants to hear “have a great day” when you don’t have a job, run through your savings, and when none of us know what tomorrow will bring? Having a day is just enough.

paraphrased from Maria Shrivers The Sunday Paper

I think, hearing that it is ok “to have a day,” is exactly what I needed to hear and I think more of us need to embrace. The sixth month of Covid Pandemic 2020, the pandemic (and my birth month) is STILL here, like it or not.

So, have a day & until next time.

I almost forgot (no i didn’t 😉) something art…

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. – Albert Einstein