…as 2011 comes to an end

Untitled (for now)
 18 x 24
Mixed Media

I am definitely in an art making mood!
With more spare time than should be my share, I am creating in several genres. The image above is the current piece on my easel. ( I THINK it is finished).
I have been sharing the progress with you in recent weeks.  If you should happen to take any of my ideas for layering material and create something-please share the final product with me.  I would love to see your use and interpretations, and to know if my ideas are helpful.  More than once in the past I have been asked to share this, and consider doing a step by step video. I just might try my hand at the video….we will see. There are a lot of layers in this composition. I only wish that my camera could capture them in better detail-You would then see a strip of handmade paper, saw dust, spackle, metallic, acrylic and oil paints.

 Today, while doodling with a black marker something cool happened.  These drawings (every time I use that word I hear, “draw-ring” ,from an SNL skit in my mind-sorry had to share that). I will get those and the sewing projects (art quilts that I am still working on) ready to show you in the next blog.

**update**I have decided to dedicate a page to the doodles. 
It will have its own link listed with the others**

I searched the definition of Doodling. It is something I do any time there is pen, pencil and an object doodle’able anywhere near me. The definition is; to scribble absentmindedly-a rough drawing made absentmindedly.  Next, I looked for the synonym and found the word-abstract.
Am I surprised? nah.

I hope each of you have had been enjoying your holiday in the manner you prefer. And, that the new year graces us all with a bit of prosperity, good health and LOTS of creativity.