Artwork In Progress & Event


Ann XL or XXL gallery canvas is definitely the way to tempt my artist soul. The bigger surface area, the better. If my shoulders and neck didn’t snap, crackle and pop like the Rice Krispies cereal, I would still be painting murals on walls.


I will not be going back to full steam ahead with art events, BUT this one time event appealed to when invited to participate, so and because, it is a one afternoon show with a Apocalypse Cider & Winery (click for the link) i am participating on. Thirsty Thursday in July. I’ve created a schedule page in the menu, there is information available now. And, it’s listed on my Valerie Dowdy Art Facebook Events. I hope you’ll be able to join me, I look forward to seeing my art people. Unfortunately, I’ll have to mask…sigh. This might very well be one my last public shows.


3’ x 4’ ft gallery canvas

Any time I take a break from painting, I end up asking myself, why, why do you do this to yourself. Paint dammit. It feels good and right when the creative energy begins to flow through me and out of my brushes.