Art & Quilts

…I promised you pictures of our Thanksgiving Around The World, and guess what? I was having so much fun, that I forgot to take any until after part of the crowd left.  So, I am sorry to report that I do not have any pictures to share.  

Previously I hinted to you about a project that I am working on in my last post.  The picture posted below shows you my progress with this new exploration.  My objective is to mix painting techniques with the traditional and see what happens.  There is much to learn about quilts, quilting and sewing in general, and I am having fun. 
Quilting is one of the most under appreciated and beautiful art forms, IMO.  I am fascinated by and have much respect this art.  There are many sites and styles of contemporary art quilting these days, I am linking I believe you will enjoy.  
Take some time to explore this art form and how it has evolved from traditional style.  When I have more progress which will be very soon I will post an updated image.  If you have worked in this media let me know.  What did you like? Dislike? Advise you would offer or comments are always welcome and appreciated.  
18″ x 24″ UNtitled & UNfinished Art Quilt


To shamelessly plug myself, if you are interested in any pieces from My View From 1502, I am selling them prior to the exhibition end and will be glad to ship them directly to you.  Contact me at: