Art Cards

I am working on some new greeting card designs for the shop.   
Below are a sampling of new card designs of my original art that I am printing on nice heavyweight card stock soon.  These are in addition to the cards I have already printed which may be reviewed on a previous blog post CLICK HERE.  
The cost of each card is $6, or, 3 for $15. Each card and envelope is protected in a glassine resealable sleeve and blank inside for any occasion. If you are interested in purchasing cards please contact me at:  
**For those who can not visit the shop-I will mail for an additional cost to cover shipping.  


  1. Nancy!

    (((happy dance)))!!

    Yes ma'am, I have you down for those 3, and as soon as the shipment arrives I will send yours to you. Now I am off to blog and continue on my quest…..


  2. Done and Done! You know that I want the Sunflower, the Crow and the Abstract, right?!

    Can't wait! Hugs!

  3. Nancy,
    WOW…I am NOT a business minded person…but I am learning!

    The button to purchase the cards is at the top of the blog on the right. If I did it correctly you can pay directly from there. If you prefer to wait until the cards come in that is fine by me. Either way, let me know if or when you try to paypal so I can make sure to monitor it and make sure all goes well.


  4. Great! But I think you have to send me an invoice, or have a paypal button or something. I only have an Etsy shop, and it does everything for me. Anyway, I'm not sure how to proceed.

    Best of luck to you today – and always! Hope your studio does well for you!


  5. Nancy,
    I believe that I have set up a paypal account on the blog. You will be my first customer here-yeah! If you have any problems please let me know and I will work them out as quickly as possible. Also, I just ordered those cards today. As soon as I receive them, I will get them shipped out to you.
    Thank you so much.
    I hope this will encourage more orders.

    Thank You Very Much,

  6. Oh yes! I want the top three! Can you take Paypal payments? or would you rather I send a check? Just let me know what to do.