another fork in the road…

…..I have begun this post no less than three separate times over the last few days.  As I sit here tonight it occurs to me that you are probably thinking I have disappeared into some black hole of non-blogger hell….

The reason for this disappearing act and dramatic declaration is the need to share some news with you in regards to our studio/gallery.  We will be closing at the end of the year.  Summing up, one of my co-artisans is in the process of relocating, the second not prepared to stay in our location and myself without the means to support the studio on my own.

Thankfully, I have working space in my home, so I am able to continue with my work.  As I work on this post I realize this blog has been the jumping off point for several projects and artistic challenges.  When I began with MY VIEW FROM 1052 I knew it was a creative starting point and I was heading out on an adventure. Without any clear paths or concrete goals it appears that I still am.  

While I may not understand, and I might be a bit sad about the twist in the path, rest assured that I am far from finished.  With the holidays coming to an end,  I will focus more on my surreal tree art and preparing for a show.  There is also the matter of one UN-finished 48 x 60 inch canvas on the easel that I am excited to get reacquainted with as I look forward to a new year and evolution in my art.

***If you find yourself scrambling around for last minute gift ideas, I have art in the studio which has been marked down to 40% off and I have a few limited edition ornaments left.