Altered Art Brushes

I have a recent growing interest in altered art. In particular altered paintbrushes. I’ve used brushes in my work a few times, and I’ve always felt that used paintbrushes have an unseemly and sad ending in their lives. It’s an attachment that I feel to a particular brush that wears just how I like, or applies paint in the exact right way.  I know other artists out there understand exactly what I mean. The brush is an extension of your hand which is controlled by your mind, emotions. I think it’s very reasonable to get attached to your brushes or any other tools you use. I know that athletes feel the same way about their gloves and bats, and mechanics about their tools.

So, I began some online research about altered art, in particular, paintbrush art. I’ve found some interesting uses and a lot of crafty interpretations. I decided to take the leap, and ordered some clay to begin my own exploration and experimentation. I’ve been feeling a strong inclination to work in a more tactile medium anyway.  This is no surprise to anyone who knows my years of working in abstract expressionism. I love to mix media and push the boundaries of what I can achieve in making art.

Come back and visit soon.

I’ll be posting images of the two altered paint brushes I’m working on.

When I get them finished of course!



online examples of altered paint brushes…not my work