A Not So Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Studio….

(More about the title later)

Impressionism is the name of the genre

I know…a big change up right? But it is a commission piece and will be making its way to the new owner.
It has been a long long looooong time since I have worked in this medium and if I am being honest it made me a little nervous to accept. But as the way, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Oh and also….we are all whores here—it’s just a matter of price right?😉

Blue Vase 2
Julia’s Flowers painting was commissioned around 2009-10 and a large scale work for a formal dining room in a private residence.

I do not try to copy or remake any commission work for obvious reasons. I do not want to decrease the works value and I respect my patrons faith and value of my work too much for the same reasons. My art and reputation are important to me.

I will be happy create a new interpreted version of art. I also only do a limited number of editions digitally or giclèe prints as well.

Side Note: This second painting has me thinking about a new series of botanical themed blue vase paintings…. 🤔

Something Not So Funny Happened On The Way To My Studio….

My dad had his third heart attack and a quadruple bypass quickly followed within the last two weeks. He wasn’t the best candidate for the procedure but without surgery only had a six months prognosis. He did amazingly well through the six hour long surgery. But soon afterwards things went awry. He developed post op delirium and hypoxia. This is some whacked out crazy crap that turned my dad into an alien to us as his body was unable to metabolize all the anesthesia and pain medicine. He’s improving and progressing well again-with some issues. He will be going into a rehab facility for an indeterminate time. I am not sure how or where this will lead me (or my art & the blog) over the next few weeks as I trek back and forth to SWVa to help with them. Please stick around and feel free to send good wishes, love, vibes and prayers for his recovery.

Photo Credit to my son Shaun
Powell Valley Overlook Big Stone Gap, Virginia

…Within only 0.8 mile the vertical elevation from Big Stone Gap to Norton (at one time my daily drive to work) changes by 2,000 feet ( 610 meters ) across the northern face of the Grindstone Ridge Dome of the High Knob Massif, to mark one of the greatest short-distance vertical elevation changes in the southern Appalachians…



Old age is the most unexpected of all things that can happen to a man.

Leon Trotsky

Until next time. Peace,