A New Journey Begins: Traditional to Farmhouse Fabulous

As promised, I am back to say hello! and offer up my excuse for lack of blogging: 
I am moving! 
Our lives were turned sideways a few months back, and because of this major change, we are moving. Being fortunate enough to have several options was really nice, too! We will be saying goodbye to our big, beautiful mountains of SW Virginia and hello to a tamer version of rolling hills in the central part of our state. This unplanned move has precipitated the need for a lot of change. Once I wrapped my head around the fact that it is real and we are leaving, I got busy! We (I) have decided that now is the right time for downsizing and purging.  After all, all the best quotes say that purging is good for the soul!  But, let me go on record as saying that it is also very hard, tedious and exhausting! 

Who knew that I still owned every paper, drawing & certificate that my three grown children have earned from Pre-K through their college years!!  Good grief. All three of my fabulous children should be very proud of their many pins, patches, awards, ribbons, and newspaper clippings.  Unfortunately, poor mom will no longer have room to keep most of them.  My eldest, the techy guru of our clan, has informed me that since we have this great new scanner/copier, and I am in between jobs, (anyone need a decent legal assistant?) that it is a great time to scan all of these special things, and to keep and and save them digitally. Probably a very good idea.  I attempt to make myself sit down and do just that.  That is after all this purging and packing is finished and we are relocated. Let’s see how that goes…
My crazy life.

Perhaps now, in this knowing, you will wish to watch our new adventure unfold.
We are seeking a simpler existence for two people and one small dog and have found a small country farmhouse, just outside the city, but close enough to civilization that I won’t go nuts. I am already pinning (#pinterest) away, with new ideas for some eclectic, artistic, farmhouse chic decor! (That’s a mouthful!) 

You have officially been invited to enjoy this journey with us. Come see how the new perspective (with hopefully minimal tears) bring change to my life and art. 

Peace, Valerie