A New Artwork, “The Timeline“

A new artwork to present to you, for now it is called “The Timeline”. But I am unsure if this title will stick.

Somewhere on a level that I did not understand, I had begun this painting without a clear idea of what story I wanted it to convey. It has taken a back seat to other obligations more than once. I am finally able to say that it is finished. ((Well, except for a few tweaks that I didn’t notice until I brought it into new light)).

(New light..) I usually bring my art down from my studio to photograph outdoors in natural light. Then, they sit with me for a bit so that I can observe them in unexpected moments, to see if there is anything I am not happy with.

This painting:

I see in this painting the juxtaposition of both an achingly extreme feeling of sadness and one of beauty. The morning glories twist and weave as they bind themselves to the woman. Where one stops the other begins again. Each are woven into the fabric of time and life together.

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Carl Yung said, “Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” Often we are taught to be ashamed of feelings of uncertainty, anger, pain and sadness, but to me, they are of equal value and importance to their counter emotions. For as the verse goes “to everything there is a season and every purpose a reason”. (Ecclesiastes) and without experiencing both extremes, how would we ever really learn to appreciate and strive for better.

Until next time. Take good care. Valerie