A lot of stuff!


Yesterday’s blog post came from my shutter fly account.  I have created and ordered some 5 x 7 greeting cards w/envelopes incorporating some of my art. If you are interested in purchasing any of these I will be glad to take orders.  They will be for sale in the shop.  Below are 4 design examples.

To update you on the shop/studio we are making progress and getting close to opening.  We have a couple of crucial meetings coming up that can really aid in the future success of our business. Keep your fingers crossed.

18 x 24
oil on stretched canvas
Final touches and ready for pick up private commission

Water Music
8 x 10 inches
Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

I am covering a lot of material in this blog and sharing quite a bit of art.
I am still struggling with painting and having trouble making myself focus.  I seem to be able to find more excuses to not paint than to actually paint.  I put some finishing touches on the private commission that I reposted above and I am also donating another piece of art that I just completed for an auction fundraiser to the Symphony on the Mountains. If you plan to attend the gala and are interested in art…“Water Music”….  perhaps this piece is one you would be interested in owning? If so place a bid on it  and support a worthy program.  The inspiration for ‘water music’ came from a piece of music that is a collection of three suites, composed by George Frideric Handel. It premiered on 17 July 1717 after King George I had requested a concert on the River Thames.  

Last, but not least are a couple of doodle art drawings. Two of which I would not really consider finished.  I am still deciding whether I want to add color to them.  The first is one of my favorites to date.  

Recently I viewing some photos of doors. One  in Mali captured my attention and I read a bit more about this door, a Dogan Granary Door.  Inlaid with lots of detail the objects, each carry a specific purpose.  The face in the middle represents the center of the universe/world and that the grain or other stored things are protected and to serve as a warning of unauthorized entrance or thievery.  The cross with its four arms extending-represent the four directions (north, south, east, west) and of the four elements (fire, air, earth, water).  I was quite interested in the carvings and design of this door, and its artistic nature.  The subject for this drawing reflects those ideas.  The four arms of the cross-the four directions.  At the center a sun-light, and with in arm the four elements beginning from the left and moving clockwise-air, fire, water and earth.

Today’s post covers a lot of information.  I hope not too scattered that you can not make sense of things.  This is what comes of playing catch up on my posting. More often I have too many things to share!