…a little sunshine, a birdbath and surrealism

…today the sun shines brightly at my doorstep and I am happy to say hello

It would seem that I am feeling somewhat philosophical this morning.  There are many motivating factors and events to make this so, and as usual, they all seem to manipulate my vision as I create art.  With avoidance of the causes, let me share a couple of projects “on the easel”. A craft project I recently saw on Pinterest (where else….who is not addicted to that site?) caught my attention and here are my results. 

Bird Bath
made from found plates and vases and tidbits in local thrift shops
the plan is to enclose the bath in lirope or some other grassy type plant
(please ignore the lack of spring yard work still unattended)

A while back I purchased a couple of unconventionally sized canvases when a local craft and art supply was closing. I decided to develop an idea I was thinking about with one of these canvases. The idea, to use oils instead of watercolors seems like a good transition in order to soften the color palette for a change of pace.  The trick, to thin the oils without losing their vibrancy. I am pleased and excited about the current outcome. There is a great softness and subdued quality presenting itself that is very satisfying to my current mood. 

Close Up of WIP
(work in progress)
12 x 36″ canvas
oils and ink

Stay tuned for more on this piece. Oh, and if you didn’t notice I added a cute photograph of my two terriers peeping out of my studio window….hope you enjoy Abe and Scruffy. 

Until we meet again, peace.