….99 Days Left! (Day 265)

8×10 oil on canvas
I think today I will not give you a title. Instead, I will leave you to make your own conclusions. As I sit here trying to write, (the hardest part of this process EVERY SINGLE DAY) I see more taking shape. I would much rather you have the freedom to decide for yourself as well.

Something I would like to draw your attention to,  is today’s date. Today is Day 265, and that means I am beginning the decent from triple digit days to double! …99 days left!  When I shared this with my son and husband they reacted with this interpretation on an old song: 99 days of art on the wall, take one down and paint it today, 98 days of art on the way!!! (corny but cute!)

I am very excited and proud of how far we (yes I give my friends who have shared this with me credit here too) have come. 



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  1. Wow! Another fabulous piece, Valerie! I finally painted yesterday and put it on my blog today – and I added info about you and linked to you on it. Thanks for all the inspiration!