96 days =equals=Day 268

8×10 oil on canvas

It never occurred to me before to create video clips of my daily art. I do not know if this is something you will be interested in seeing, so feedback is appreciated.
(thank you Nancy for inspiring this idea, check out her blog)

Today I did not work at the practical job which supports my art habit. There was personal business to attend and this is why you find today’s art blogged much earlier than usual for a Wednesday. 
During a brief period of my outing I was sitting on a bench outdoors. Near me was this fascinating tree. The trunk was grooved and lined so uniquely that my eyes were drawn back to it over and over. Eventually, I needed more. I made my way over to check it out.  I had to touch that bark. There was a plaque and I learned that the tree is a Black Locust. It is a native to my region and surprisingly considered an invasive species. 
I attempted to take a photograph of the bark with my BlackBerry. This was more of an exercise in how much frustration I can withstand. The BB Curve makes the most retched photos ever. For some unanswered reason, I keep trying though. Anyway, inspired by bark, the result becomes art for today.




  1. Nancy, I understand what you want, I am just not sure I am capable of delivering. Let me think on this a bit more.


  2. What I really want, Valerie, is to watch you paint! Start to finish – then maybe speed it up! I'm so intrigued with your process! Thanks so much!