A New Year, A New You…Right?

A New Year, A New You….Right?? or that’s how the saying goes. I am typically not the new year resolution sort and this year is not an exception. But, I wish each of you the best for 2023.

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It is the end of the year for the other me who is a bookkeeper/personal assistant to a property developer. I am feeling a little wack-a-doodle from looking at numbers. If someone would’ve told me I’d be doing this type of stuff one day…I would’ve bet everything I had that I would not EVER be doing such a thing. 🤯 That’s another story for a different blog post. 😉


A friend of mine and I do random check ins on each other. She is a busy professor and therapist, and our lives do not parallel enough for a lot of girl time. I checked in on her and she followed up later with a question. She asked me-what have you done for soul maintenance-and I realized… absolutely nothing. I committed to her and myself to make time for myself and creating. I am proudly reporting that I have almost finished two art pieces. Below is the first one, I’ll show the other later.

TREE,, 8×10 WC PAPER, ink, watercolors, AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

Until next time. Take care of yourself with some soil maintenance and each other.