Greetings and Salutations on this rainy Saturday Morning,

To catch you up on what I have been doing I will start first with the studio. We opened in what I would call a very successful soft opening.  We had new visitors and a few purchases!  The place seems to improve every time I am there for a visit.  
Each of us work a little at a time putting our personalities and art strategically around the space.  Our work seems to harmonize well together although we are 3 very different genres.  This is a very good thing (as Martha would say). 
I have added the pay pal feature to the blog, so that anyone interested can purchase some of the greeting cards (blank inside) with my original art printed on them.  I now know that this works (thanks again Nancy for your purchase).  I am pleased about this venue in which to market some of my work.  Ha.  Me a marketer…now that is a novel idea!  Eventually I hope to create a kind of online catalog of the work I am selling in the studio as well.  I do not have room to exhibit all the work from “my view” and some of the newer things I have as well.  If there should be a specific piece you are interested in contact me through the blog and we can make arrangements. 
If you will remember, I recently posted a piece or work that was created uniquely as a fund raiser for, Symphony of the Mountains, and last year I created one as well. I try to do something specifically in recognition of music appreciation. This years art I entitled “Water Music”.  (I also created some of the cards from this piece as well-3 of which will be auctioned with the art).  What inspired Water Music? Handel’s Suites (of course).  Listening to the music I let myself be transported to the water, with the seagulls dipping in staccato movements  the waves swirling and coiling to their own rhythm, and all those sounds transporting me as if we were being picked up by the wind and merging together in one suite.  
Below I am posting “Water Music” #2 and #3.  Number 4 is currently on my easel at the studio.  
In addition to these, and while taking a break, I decided to refurbish a piece from “My View” daily paintings. The bold and vibrant slashes of color are quite intense and striking. This piece of art imputes a powerful energy, and while it is small in stature (8 x 10) it certain does not fall short in personality!
Water Music #3
Mixed Media 12″x12″
by Valerie Dowdy

Water Music #2
Mixed Media  12″x24″
by Valerie Dowdy

 from MY VIEW 1502 (refurbished)
Oils 8″x10″
by Valerie Dowdy