I am returned (pooped, but ok) from a judging event that I have done annually for several years for CEDAR program. The long and short of it is a program that was created to promote awareness, understanding and education about coal.  The judging takes place in KY.  It is not a long drive, but the size of the fair is so large and the judging takes around 12 hours, sometimes less, but most often that or more.  It is an exhausting marathon.  But, for 149 kids (thats how many art entries we judged) it is very important.

There are a couple of entries, created by parents/children who obviously have a sense of humor and I wanted to share with you those with you.  Art they art? Where would you draw the line on what constitutes art? These are questions I am addressing this year and I will leave you to your own opinions. (feel free to share if you wish)  Also, while you ponder this, consider whether food should be included in the art category.  In light of recent mass interest of HGTV’s new food shows (Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars, and on the list goes)…is food art?