Salutations on this rainy Friday evening,

I have just come from a meeting of the Artisans of the Gap where we were dealing with some of the not so fun parts of operating a business. I wish we could just skip over those parts and go straight to creating and selling! 
I have a piece on the easel in our studio, but I keep forgetting to take a photo of the work to share here in the blog.  It is a mixed media piece, another one of my recycling of an old piece from the “my view” daily paintings.  
Mentioning the word recycle and art in the same sentence and apparently you hit on a topic which is rather sensitive, much to my bewilderment. It seems that the theory of painting over a painting bothers some people.  I am not quite sure I understand why. Most artists can not afford to hang on to every canvas they create, there are study pieces and some pieces are just plain unsatisfactory to the creator.  Studies with new technology have discovered that many famous artists work have paintings over paintings.  Whether it is done for frugal purposes or dissatisfaction with their work most artists seem to do so.
I believe I have mentioned this before, but NOW I actually have a photo to show you of one of my hand painted scarves.  This one I just finished with silk paints. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a model available, so as usual my photography not only lacks pizazz but is its normal sub par quality.  I two more at the studio for sale and I sold one before I even got photos taken.  Perhaps I can talk her into sharing a photo of herself wearing the scarf to post.  I will see…
hand painted 100% habotai silk scarf 11″x 60″

PS~Yes, we are Notre Dame fans in this house. I just noticed the rug!