Good Sunday Morning,

I have to admit that I have let the warm weather distract me from doing as much canvas work and being indoors at all for that matter.  When the weather is nice my mind wanders out of doors and my fancy turns toward a different art form.  

So naturally this led me straight towards my local greenhouses,and, purchasing plants. And, as you know, you can not plant new flowers without cleaning up the beds and pots that they will live in!  Each year I try to buy a few new perennials.  I do spend a small amount on annuals for some pop and pizzazz, for example geraniums.  My grandmother planted and shared with me a love of this  flower.

  They come in a variety of colors, and her favorites were the pinks.  I tend to lean toward red or whites.  To the left you can see a lovely red one that I planted with some sweet  potato vine.  For the most part, I try to invest in plants that will hang around more than one year to give me something to look forward each spring and more bang for my buck.  

Like most people I spend a lot of time working, cleaning, planting and separating plants trying to find the exact locations and conditions which  makes them happiest. Last year I planted chives, and I have to say they are very happy with their home.  The plant was so big that I decided to separate it in to two bunches. In the photo you can see it is still recovering a bit from the shock of the move. Herbs are among my favorite plants.  We use them for cooking and of course I dry them too and this gives us spices to last through the winter.  To the right you see my smaller chive plant.  Chives are commonly used as an ornamental plant in landscaping.  It is easy to understand why when you see the beautiful purple balls of flowers.  The flowers in the foreground are also a perennial.  Salvia, I believe is what they are called, but don’t hold me to that and If I am incorrect please feel free to let me know. 

Today, I am hoping for some sunshine (no I haven’t looked at yet) so that I may sit on my deck and enjoy some of the efforts of my labor yesterday.  I need to ponder a large area to the right of my deck/patio that needs some serious work.  

Before I end this post, I want to share with you that I AM still creating art in the studio (which I work every Monday from 10-3…just case you forgot). I actually have two pieces “in progress”.  The first, I previously shared photos of in the blog and I am awaiting dry time so that I might continue to work more.  The second, is another 18 x 24 canvas, which is to be a tree, but it will be done using the surreal style-incorporating watercolor pencil, pencil, and ink. This piece will be the largest in scale, of the surreal pieces and I am excited to see how it comes together. 

If you live in my area, come by and visit our studio sometime. 
Mother’s Day is around the corner and can offer some unique, special one of a kind gift options for you or someone special.  
Our location is: 419 Wood Ave. BSG, VA 24219!! 
I still have art cards, which you can purchase online, 
and do not forget the hand painted and dyed scarves I still have few of those. 

I will leave you today with my garden protector, he is small in size, but a commanding and fierce looking creature that is commonly referred to as “foo dog” but are actually interpretations of the lion.  The guardian lions usually are seen in pairs and were guardians to the entrances of temples or shrines.  I believe the design is Chinese and later Japanese (again, correct me if I am wrong) and represents the “a” for the beginning of all things, and if I had a second one its mouth would be closed to represent “um” the ending of all things. 



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  1. Hi Valerie – Wonderful to find you! Thanks so much for visiting my new blog. I really appreciate your comment. Always lovely to have a new reader 🙂

    Isn't spring glorious? Lots to do around the garden, but great to see old friends come back. All my perennials are up, and even some annuals returned as we had a very mild winter in DC. That is such a bonus, as I, too, like to plant things that come back.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts, and seeing your artwork.
    Tone on Tone