It is Sunday Morning, and I am awake too early (as usual). The sun is peeking through, to what looks like another beautiful day.  I hope to spend some of that time outdoors doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the sun, my plants and music.

Yesterday was my turn to work in the studio. I had visitors and didn’t get to spend as much time creating as planned.  But, with customers interested in buying my work, and discussing art, who cares? I realize that eventually, it must do more than self sustain in order to prosper.  For right now though, every piece of art that I sell, or every person I connect with is another person familiar with my art.

And folks, as Martha says…that is a good thing.

And for my fellow artist/gardener friends out there, I wanted to share my next project.  As I have shared many times, I am a lover of all things textural.  So, I have my husband on constant alert for discarded items of interest.  Well, he certainly came through recently.  And as a result of this great find I have a new project. I love mixing formal and informal things together.

If anyone out there wants to share their comments about the plan feel free. I am open minded.
AND, I promise I won’t turn my blog into a gardeners view from 1502.  Well….not everyday, maybe just occasionally (during summer!)
But, isn’t gardening another form of artistic and creative expression?


  1. actually a triangle might work too, especially since the yard it sloping downward……something to ponder.

  2. A box? Why not a triangle shaped garden area or something more free form? It's a great idea, but I wanted to addmy two sense worth. 😉