Monday has come and almost gone.  

The studio was not a hopping place today. Unfortunately.

These small victories show me what success can be like and hopefully what we can become. 

But the upside of a slow day is, all that free time enabled me to finally finish my “do over” that has been in progress for a while now. You will be pleased to know that the landscape went on the wall of the studio today, drying and almost ready to find a home. (hopefully)

18 x 24 oils on canvas

Where I paint these days…

My patience is currently being tested as I await the arrival of a canvas that 
I had to order for a new commission. (this is a terrible fault of mine) The allure of getting to work in larger scale is exciting, and I feel, long overdue. The long span of 8 x10 canvas work is finally at an end.  Even stretching myself a bit with new purchased pieces that are 18 x 24, is not enough.  In order to understand what I mean, I need to take you back prior to beginning the daily painting challenge.  I worked on large canvas, rarely anything under 30 x 40 inches and painted murals.   The task of working in small scale was very often overwhelming and added another element to the daily challenge that I didn’t anticipate.  Some days I rocked it out, and others…well, lets just say there is a large box of art that is destined for the “do over” bin.



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  1. One day, I believe, that art historians will be examining the layers of your paintings. They'll talk about your emotional status and how you came to be 150 years old!