I began this post yesterday actually and then began to freak out so much over my writing (which I do every time I post), that I just stopped and left it for another day. One of the skills (writing) that painting and blogging everyday was supposed to improve and develop more…well lets just say fall WAY short of the mark.

My Saturday began with NO coffee, and while this is a tragic event of monumental proportions for most caffeine addicts, I managed to keep body and soul together and I can report that no nails where chewed in half, nor did any heads roll—it is after all about the small victories, right?

Since it is now Tuesday, yesterday was my studio day. A big part of the day was passed in a wonderful fog of creativity. Which seems kind of like an odd way of expressing art time.  But what it is like for me.  The world kind of goes away.  My family tells me that often I do not even realize they have tried to have a conversation with me when I am in that “zone”. Anyway, the sun was shining, the skies were blue and I was enveloped in a lovely bubble of inspiration, working diligently to finish the unreal tree. Lately, the interest in this series has grown. I only have one of the original four left. (thats a great thing!) I really enjoy creating them, and as we all know, I LOVE trees. The unreal tree pieces are achieved using watercolor pencil, pencil, ink, marker and/or a bit of acrylic paint.  The piece is completed and delivered to a small, but great shop in Asheville called Tipsy Star Quilts (check them out and tell them I sent you!) where I have some of my art for sale.  However, goof ball that I am, I forgot to photograph the tree piece.  I have to remedy that soon.

On a positive note, while in the basement for supplies I found a 12 x 24 inch canvas that I had forgotten. Its an odd size, but destined to be the next unreal tree. I promise to take photos of it soon.  And, to wind up this post I will share with you that I am beginning a private commission here in my home.  This is a large piece, and I will need more room, and the ability to leave my materials scattered about while working on the canvas,.  How big you ask? The canvas is 40 x 60 inches, it is almost as tall as I am, and taller than a few of my friends (sorry Diane and Denise couldn’t resist).  🙂  Yes, I promise to post progress as well, if my patron for this commission does not mind.

I leave you with the unreal trees from the “my view from 1502 days” to help you remember the genre of art I am referring to.



  1. yep, ya should put us on each side:)

  2. I am looking forward to seeing you as well!!
    Yes, I should put you on one side and Denise on the other…hehe
    The really cool thing is that I found a 48 x60 canvas in stock at H L, but NOT what I needed. Could I resist it though??? NO WAY….It is sitting there patiently waiting for me, and just might be destined to become a really huge unreal tree…

  3. Ha! Love your reference. When I arrive maybe you can take a picture of the canvas and me for a visual!
    Can't wait to see it and you! Diane