Friday rolls around quickly and I have much to look forward to this day. The sunshine is calling my name and I will be visiting the lounge chair soon, the canvas on my easel is ready for round two (I will post pictures), and our open house/downtown Friday event at the studio is happening today.

I have many things for which to be grateful this beautiful day, one, is working part time. This provides me with guilt free money to spend on art supplies and time to pursue my love and dream-art. I have been fortunate for a stay-home/mom/artist. I can safely report that the studio is not setting any record breaking sales, but we are holding on.

As people are learning about us (us=my partners and the other local business owners downtown Big Stone Gap) the support and excitement appears to be growing.  I hope the excitement continues and generates a desire for more participation and builds a base of consumers who will not only support local business owners but their community in the process.

Hannah’s Nursery

Getting back to serious matters-the subject of art. Someone suggested that I should share a project that I do for friends. They are typically for nurseries, but I have also made them using special memories for an engaged couple. The sky is the limit…  

They are typically 12 x 24 inch pre-stretched canvas, painted with acrylics.

Haigler Engagement

You give me information about the of nursery decor, special moments, bedding, etc. and I create the work as posted above and below. Designs can be special memories or to match your room.

The S.S. Terak

If you are interested in commissioning one of these contact me: 

*12 x 24 inch pre-stretched canvas
*hang ready
*If the name is over 7-10 letters a different size canvas would be necessary
*prices vary
*shipping charge extra

As always, please remember these are my designs and are copyright protected.
Oh, and come see us tonight if you are nearby.