Monday morning begins with quickly moving gray clouds as I peer through the windows.   It is my time of day, morning, when all is quiet and the only one stirring in the house is me. Movements which would be more aptly described as halting and unsteady, until I am at least half way through the first cup of coffee.
Ah, the caffeine addiction….

The large scale painting is finally finished, with only a couple of places to tweak as it finishes drying. The hardest part, when to say, “finished”.  Is there such a thing as finished? Or, do artists just learn when to walk away? Is this why they say the devil is in the details?

“Flowers for Julia”
by Valerie Dowdy
40 x 60 oils on canvas

 I am enjoying painting near the large window and for a bit longer the plan is to keep the bed shoved up against the treadmill (poor thing needs company anyway), so that I may continue to paint upstairs. I have enjoyed doing some impressionistic and/or abstract work, and as soon as I can, up goes the 48 x 60 canvas….
Thanks to all of you who attended the open house/downtown friday event in BSG.