The commission is off the easel and in what I would term a soft dry stage.  Soon I will be handing it over to its new owner…that moment, when an artist must find the impetus to separate themselves emotionally from something that has become very personal, and just as quickly, must compose and prepare for the next phase.

And, if the spectrum of emotions are not difficult enough, you must also prepare for the alternative. If the works are not commissioned, then there are submissions to be prepared–acceptance by people who do matter.  To be followed or preceded with the inevitable critique and opinions which are freely offered by others.  Often without any solicitude, and which are usually lacking of thoughtfulness for the creator and/or without knowledge of art. 
You have heard that expression: everyones a critique? As you hold your breath to receive these comments, you can only hope for enough positive response to counterbalance the negative.

Perhaps this personal journey it is all part of the process which enables you to grow and succeed. It sure never seems to become any more easy for me, no matter how long I have been creating art. 
You live, you grow, you learn, and you cope, and somehow you make it to the next project. 
18 x 24, oils in progress
I thought perhaps you would enjoy seeing a couple more pieces I have begun, these are in WORKING stage and are not finished.  They are also of the same impressionistic/abstract style which many of you have really responded to with “Flowers for Julia”, smaller in scale and will be up for sale in the studio if you are interested….
(did I also mention I do layaways and I will ship for an additional charge)

24 x30, oils, “Flowers for Julia 2” (unsure on the title)