There is something to be said for good breezes and lovely sunshine, and today I was fortunate enough to enjoy both.

24 x 30 oils on canvas
“Flowers for Julia #2”

In a picturesque little town, such as Big Stone Gap, and revitalization happening all around it is hard not to appreciate a small town with a great little main street such as Wood Avenue.  The building we occupy also comes with loads of character, 1970’s carpeting and wall border, lovely wide baseboards, and the most uneven floors I have seen lately. In spite of its shortcomings we are steadily and surely creating a home for art.

 Today I made a significant amount of progress toward finishing “flowers for julia #2”. (the photo above)While similar, I believe this one stand firmly on its own, and with a bit of luck will be on the studio walls for sale soon.

18 x 24 oils on canvas

 The above piece is advancing along, not far behind.  This  piece appears to be taking a different direction than the previous two.   I had to force myself to lay it to the side and control my urge not to force the work before it is has cured.  Regardless, of the fact, that I muddied it a bit, I will share an updated image.