18 x 24
Untitled, Unfinished

Monday, another beautiful, summer-like day to work in the studio, even though we are experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures.  The conditions have been getting more and more uncomfortable. I noticed a trend of shoppers not wanting to hang around long…NOT GOOD NEWS.  So, Carol and I decided to plug up the air conditioning unit in the studio, and hopefully NOT be damned, on our electric costs.

18 x 24
Untitled; Unfinished

The day became much more pleasant in the studio and I was able to forge ahead with the newest unreal tree.  I photographed my progress (with my new iPhone) to show you some of the movement of colors. Unless the piece takes off in another direction when I get to work on it again, this tree is becoming a “tree of many colors”…

Last, is just a photograph of the beginning material I use while working on the un real trees.