As I stumbled around searching for a topic to discuss today on the blog, I decided to share an update on the newest unreal tree in progress.  
My recent visit to the Dali museum will surely influence my art and thinking for some time to come. As I get closer to finishing this new piece, it seemed as if I were losing momentum.  For some unexplainable reason I keep holding back, and I have been in a struggle to find my footing.  The good news is, I feel as though I have hit the groove and finally have made progress. 

It would seem when pertaining to me, and all things artistic, I work back to front.  By this I mean, that my career in art has been to paint professionally, and to study art later. I am compelled to create in genres or disciplines without, what a lot, consider “necessary” preconceived thought or education. Because I have not done this, it disturbs and baffles some, even myself on occasion. But, I chose not to enable a stumbling block but to become an impetus to creating and success.  
Recently, some friends and I were discussing digital art.  Eventually the topic came around to the ageless question of “what is art”, and who exactly says “it is art”, and I asked, “so, it is not “art” until someone says it is?”  Yes, they said.  
So I declare: 

So, I now I ask, Who are they
You are and I am.